Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last Day Of school

As you all know today is the last day of school for us. I'm not that happy for school 
to finish, because I won't be able to see all of My friends. Hopefully I
can see them in the holidays.  Today I hope I will play a lot of games with them
 before school finish's.

Today at school I would like to do some art,  and play some games with My friends. After lunch I would really like to have some free time and play some sports and also finish off all of My work. In the holidays I would still like to go on the activities we do in class. 

Friday, March 30, 2012


Hi My name is Makalita and I was born in the wonderful place called  Tonga. Tonga is a wonderful place to take a vacation and a holiday. You can go to the beach's and eat some mangoes and coconut under the trees and also have a sleep.

All of me and My brothers and sister were born in Tonga, accept My little brother. I only have 1 big sister and 5 brothers. Three of My brothers live in Australia and 2 of them live here and me and My sister.

My favorite part of being in Tonga is going to the beach and  eating mangoes under the tree. I go to Tonga nearly every December with My big sister and My mum. As you have heard the Tongan King has died in Hong Kong. It is really sad to the Tongan's in Tonga. I think the next King could be his brother or his son.

Friday, March 16, 2012


When my teacher said that there was camp I was excited. I was excited because when my teacher said I was in the seam tent with my friends I was really happy. The bad thing was, My mum said I couldn't go. So I just sicked with that.

The first day of camp was really windy and wet. Mrs Nua Told us
 that we will still do our activates even though it is wet. I was wondering
 what I was going to do during camp. When all the group's went off to
 do there activates, Mrs Nua let the people how went to camp join in
 with there group. I got confused of which group I was in. So I just
 chose any group. The group I joined in with first played some games
with Mr Harris. We first played a game with two balloons and two pieces of string.
First we had to blow up the balloons then use the string to tie them around our foot.
Then we had to pop other peoples balloons and if our balloons were still there we were
 the winners. My favorite game we had played was captain's ship.
After playing all the games with Mr Harris we went to have something to eat.

After our feed we went to do Mr Bruk's activates. Our first challenge was to make
 a slingshot and a ball made out of paper. Then when we finished we had to shoot
 the ball into some  buckets, if  the ball hits  the bucket we will get some points. My group only 
got ten points. After that we had to go to the bakery and the pools and also the Pt.England
 reserve for our next challenge. I ran to the pools to get a fire starter and Tauwhare went to get a
egg and Rosealla went to get some Sticks and Mateo went to get a a empty can of  bake-beans.
After that me and  Rosealla went to get the matches from Mrs Flavole. After getting all of our things We had to make a fire and cook the egg. Our fire did not go but Mr Bruk's still let us be complete. 

The next day I went to help Mrs Flavole for camp. I first Went to the Pt.England beach to
give the teachers and Mr Brut is lunch. Then I walked back and then I got to clean up the staff room with My friends Jessica and Mary.I . I got to wipe the tables and Mary got to wash the dishes and Jessica got to vacuum. After that we went to eat our lunch and Mrs Flavoe give all the people that were helping her some biscuits. After morning tea we went to clean the staff room again then we got some fruit and then we had to cut out some papers. After that me Jessica,Mary.I and Osaniah  went to put jum and better on the bread and on the scones. Then we went to eat our lunch. After lunch we cleaned the staff room for the last time. Then we went to put some more jum and better on the bread. 

I was happy because  when it camp was on with my friends the hole time. 


Friday, March 9, 2012

Year 7 girl's Champions Softball Tournament

Next week on Thursday the year 7 girls will be going to our softball tournament. All the year 7 softball girls will be all going and Miss Vaa'fusuaga. Our next tournament will be at Rose-dale Park,Albany, on Thursday 15 March. We will be averring  there at 9.00 am then we will be coming back at 2.30. We won   all our games on our first last and scoured game. Hopefully We will win our next game. I really like softball, It is one of my favorite sport. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going To The Pools

Last week on Saturday me,mum and My brother went to the pools.When we got to the pools me and My brother ask My mum if we could get some goggles,"yes'' ya. We both got blue goggles, thanks mum. As we got in,My mum said "go reins your self before you get in the water.

Me and My brother jump into the pool,water went everywhere! My brother said to me if we could look at each other in the water. OK I said. It was funny because My brother made funny faces.

After a while we had a race. I said to my brother if he wanted to have a race and he said yes, so we had a race. I said ready,set go,we both tried our best to win. No one won because we had to go home. After our shower I told My mum we had fun, she said "that's good''.

I felt really happy because we never went there ever since, I don't know when but we haven't been there in a long time. It was really fun,

Monday, February 27, 2012

Song Lyrics Who Says

Doesn't want to be any one else
Doesn’t  feel self
Told her she wasn’t good enough for him
He’s not the judge of that
Like someone who isn’t seen their true potential
You would like to change your self
But when it comes to her she wouldn’t want to be anyone else

You can be beautiful and not look like that.
Don’t listen to people who think your not perfect  
Your not worth being beautiful
Your not the only one that’s hurting
Trust her
That’s the price of beauty
No one has to judge you for being your self
No one has to judge you for being beautiful

Tell them what you mean, but they keep whiting out the truth
Tell people what you mean
But they keep whiting out the truth
It’s like a work of art
That never gets to see the light
Keep you beneath the stars
Won’t let you touch the sky

She can possibly turn out what he looks for in her
Relating to a president or presidency
You can be a movie star

Who says you can’t pass a test
Who says you not the best

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hello my name is Makalita and I was born in Tonga at 2001. My mum's name is Vai and my dad's name is Eno. My mum and dad were born in Tonga. I have 1 sister and 5 brothers, my sister name is Chesta and she is the second oldest. My biggest brother's name is Andy, Gorge,Soakimi and my two younger brothers names  are Suli and Hani. We were all born in Tonga except my baby brother Hani. In 2005 my grandma past away and in 2009 my grandpa past away. It was very sad because all their grandchildren loved them. My grandma never got to see my brother hani, only my grandpa saw him in Australia.