Friday, March 30, 2012


Hi My name is Makalita and I was born in the wonderful place called  Tonga. Tonga is a wonderful place to take a vacation and a holiday. You can go to the beach's and eat some mangoes and coconut under the trees and also have a sleep.

All of me and My brothers and sister were born in Tonga, accept My little brother. I only have 1 big sister and 5 brothers. Three of My brothers live in Australia and 2 of them live here and me and My sister.

My favorite part of being in Tonga is going to the beach and  eating mangoes under the tree. I go to Tonga nearly every December with My big sister and My mum. As you have heard the Tongan King has died in Hong Kong. It is really sad to the Tongan's in Tonga. I think the next King could be his brother or his son.


  1. Hi Makalita,
    Tonga is a beautiful place. My favourite thing about Tonga is the beaches. Your last paragraph doesn't make sense. Maybe next time you could recheck your post before you post it on your blog. Anyway your writing was interesting to read. Keep up the great work.


  2. Nice job Makalita,
    It really sounds like you had a lot of fun.You did a good job keep up the good work.and make sure you recheck your story before you publish on your blog.

  3. Hi Makalita
    It me Serena it was so nice of you telling us about you in Tonga and your family and it was sad of the Tonga king how he died it was really sad well done keep it up nice job.


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