Tuesday, March 15, 2011


There was aether decider in Japan. It was off the coast off Japan,they had a Earthquake and tsunami,the tsunami coast losts of damage . All the houses were engulfed by water,the force of nature washed Japan away . I woneder if some people are self,if I had been thire I’ll be sad.

The earthquake didn’t really c that much damage in Japan. But it cos a lot of pepole daied, but it is the tsunami that cost the most damgae. The tsunami came running donw really fast,it looked really big and strog. It is so powerfl than the earthquake.

I have been looking at some research and hared that the tsunami was 8.9 high. I also been looking at some pitchers,they looked very sad and I hope that the people that are alive are self. The buildings have been badly damage and heaps of people have past away. This is bigger than the Christchurch one. They have made a big buildings so people can go to the top and stand on it,because they always have earthquakes in Japan.


  1. Hi Makalita, I really like your story about the earthquake and tsunami. It is really sad about this disaster.

    Keep up the good work.

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