Friday, March 16, 2012


When my teacher said that there was camp I was excited. I was excited because when my teacher said I was in the seam tent with my friends I was really happy. The bad thing was, My mum said I couldn't go. So I just sicked with that.

The first day of camp was really windy and wet. Mrs Nua Told us
 that we will still do our activates even though it is wet. I was wondering
 what I was going to do during camp. When all the group's went off to
 do there activates, Mrs Nua let the people how went to camp join in
 with there group. I got confused of which group I was in. So I just
 chose any group. The group I joined in with first played some games
with Mr Harris. We first played a game with two balloons and two pieces of string.
First we had to blow up the balloons then use the string to tie them around our foot.
Then we had to pop other peoples balloons and if our balloons were still there we were
 the winners. My favorite game we had played was captain's ship.
After playing all the games with Mr Harris we went to have something to eat.

After our feed we went to do Mr Bruk's activates. Our first challenge was to make
 a slingshot and a ball made out of paper. Then when we finished we had to shoot
 the ball into some  buckets, if  the ball hits  the bucket we will get some points. My group only 
got ten points. After that we had to go to the bakery and the pools and also the Pt.England
 reserve for our next challenge. I ran to the pools to get a fire starter and Tauwhare went to get a
egg and Rosealla went to get some Sticks and Mateo went to get a a empty can of  bake-beans.
After that me and  Rosealla went to get the matches from Mrs Flavole. After getting all of our things We had to make a fire and cook the egg. Our fire did not go but Mr Bruk's still let us be complete. 

The next day I went to help Mrs Flavole for camp. I first Went to the Pt.England beach to
give the teachers and Mr Brut is lunch. Then I walked back and then I got to clean up the staff room with My friends Jessica and Mary.I . I got to wipe the tables and Mary got to wash the dishes and Jessica got to vacuum. After that we went to eat our lunch and Mrs Flavoe give all the people that were helping her some biscuits. After morning tea we went to clean the staff room again then we got some fruit and then we had to cut out some papers. After that me Jessica,Mary.I and Osaniah  went to put jum and better on the bread and on the scones. Then we went to eat our lunch. After lunch we cleaned the staff room for the last time. Then we went to put some more jum and better on the bread. 

I was happy because  when it camp was on with my friends the hole time. 



  1. Hi Makalita Seems like you had lots of fun helping.That was some long writing you did.Sorry to say this but there was some spelling mistakes and lots of other things.

    By Your friend Alexandria.

  2. Hi Makalita it is me Jessica,
    I really like reading your blog post because you tell us a lot of things that happen.I felt so sad to when my mum said I am not allowed to go.Keep up the good work and make sure you prove read your story be for you publish post on your blog.

  3. WOW Makalita,
    That is a amazing work that you wrote is that I like about
    I like your story want you wrote about camp
    Keep it up Makalita


    1. Thanks for the comment but it doesn't really make sence.


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