Monday, February 13, 2012

My Weekend

In the weekend My Cousin come over.  It was fun with her because Me and Her played a lot of games. On Friday we went to the Pt.England beach, and ate chicken and chips.  After that me, My brother and My cousin, went to play on the beach. I asked my Mum if we could have a swim but, My Mum said ''sorry guys but we need to go home'' OK then. When we got home we were all tired, so we went to sleep.

When I got up my Cousin was all ready awake. My Mum and my Aunt went to their friends house, so My big  brother made us  some eggs and toasted bread.  It was so yum!  After that we went to brush our teeth, then we went out side to play some games. My Cousin was tired of playing games all day, just then we heard the door open and it was our Mums.

On Sunday we woke up late and we didn't get to go to church, so we need to go next week.  After that  we made our own bread and cheese for breakfast, brushed our teeth and then we went to watch TV.  After a long day My mum went to drop of my Cousin and aunt to there house, we all said bye. I hope she comes next weekend.

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  1. Wow Makalita seems like you had so much fun on the weekends with your cousins.Good writing Makalita you are getting better than me.



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