Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Going To The Pools

Last week on Saturday me,mum and My brother went to the pools.When we got to the pools me and My brother ask My mum if we could get some goggles,"yes'' ya. We both got blue goggles, thanks mum. As we got in,My mum said "go reins your self before you get in the water.

Me and My brother jump into the pool,water went everywhere! My brother said to me if we could look at each other in the water. OK I said. It was funny because My brother made funny faces.

After a while we had a race. I said to my brother if he wanted to have a race and he said yes, so we had a race. I said ready,set go,we both tried our best to win. No one won because we had to go home. After our shower I told My mum we had fun, she said "that's good''.

I felt really happy because we never went there ever since, I don't know when but we haven't been there in a long time. It was really fun,

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  1. Hi Makalita looks like you had a great time at the pools with your brother.I have never been to the pools for a long time to.I really like your writing you are getting really good seems like you have being doing hard work in class.



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