Friday, February 10, 2012

What Class Am I In?

Finely school has started. I can't wait to know what class i'm in. When Mrs Nua was saying the names out I keep wondering what class i'm in, then I heard her say my name. I got to be in room 18 with Mr Braks.

When I found out I was in room 18, I was excited because Mr Braks is one of my favorite teachers. I felt a little sad cause my friends were in diffident class, but I can still play with them at lunch and morning tea time.

Mr Braks is a really nice teacher.I wish Mr Braks is my teacher next year. In class I stay with my friend Eleva. This week we will be doing a project on cybersmart. Next week on Friday Mr Braks will mark our project's, me and my group are making a cybersmart poster and a movie.

Yesterday Mr Bruks gave every one home work,every one had to finish it by tomorrow. He gave us a maths sheet and a reading.

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