Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Persuasive Writing

We should all have 1 day with out television, per week. There are many reason’s for this.
This would be very good for you, it will save a lot of power and money for important things and you would not have to worry about your home work.

Firstly, this would save a lot of power. It will save the electricity and your bill not so big. The power will save a lot of money to pay your bill. The TV can cost a lot.

Secondly,It will be good, you will have finished your home work. You will make your family and teacher prod. It is going to make your home work good. You will also get a job when grow up.

I believe that not watching TV every day will be very good for you. Don’t you?

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  1. You followed our persuasive writing format, and have clearly argued that we could do with a little break from TV.
    Good work Makalita.


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