Thursday, March 10, 2011


Every Thursday’s room 17’n go out and learn how to play cricket . Last week we went to cricket,we always start with a practice. We have to have four people in our group,we do that to learn how to bat and play. When we have finished we start to play the real game. Every time it is my turn I feels scary.

When I got to bat I felt sacred,then after a while I didn’t. Hermit is always the bowler,he throws the ball then I whack it. I start to run when you run you have to touch the wickets so I can get points for my group. It is a very cool game to play.

Today we went to cricket. We learned how to bowl,we first learn how to hold the ball. Then we play a game were you have to have a pannier and a cone in the meddle and one ball. To play your pannier has to be on a side and you also have to be on a side too. You have to aim to the cone.

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  1. Hi Makalita nice story about the cricket.
    Was it cool? I wash I was there with you.



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