Wednesday, May 4, 2011

After you finnsh reading my two paragrapes vote for the one you really like the most.

YES! I said I'm going to my cousen house. I was really excited to go there because I always play with her on her x-box. It is The second time to go there on a Saturday, It is always fun going there.

Ha ha I have won again, you cant bet me yes I can she said. Then we played again I was trying to bet her but she won it. We try-ed again ha-ha-ha I won you can’t bet me any more. But then I felt sad because she didn’t win so I let her bet me.

I am going to my cousen's yes I love to go there because I get to play with her on her X-box.
If my mum aks me were do you want to go I say my cousen. I bet you again you cant bet me, do you know how to win like me yes no you don't yes I do. Lets play then, see you can't bet me.

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