Thursday, September 29, 2011

AFL Coaching

IIsn't AFL an Australian game? I was intrigued when I heard there were Aussie Rules Coaches coming in to teach us how to play. We are Kiwi kids.

The first skill we learnt was the drop punt. You first have to hold the ball up and down, and kick were the X was at the bottom, you also have to keep the laces away from faces. After we all learnt how to do the drop punt we played a game where our teachers were our targets. The coach said” aim for your teachers”.

The next week we learnt how do a hand pass. To do the hand pass you have to have a tight fist and put the ball on your right hand and aim for the x at the bottom. We played aether game with the technique we had learnt and the teachers had to aim for us with the ball, if they got us we would be in. The teachers were saying I’m gonna get you!!!

The last skill was the high mark. The high mark is when you put your hands into a W and put it the ball above your face, if you catch it you can have a free kick or have a free pass and no one is allowed to tackle you. I though to my self “It’s not as easy as it looks”.

I’m looking forward to putting all these skills into practice, when we get to play a real game of AFL next week.

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