Monday, October 3, 2011

Cousin Coming Over

“Yes” I say as I see my cousin Precious. I was so happy to see her when she came over, she came on Saturday to sleep over. At home we played a lot of games and ate heaps. It was really fun when she came.

As me and cousin stared to become bored I had a idea that we could play tiggy. Me and my cousin went down to the park, and was the one who had two count. As she was running away I said I’m going to get you Precious!!! and I did.

After having a really long play time me and Precious became hungry, so both of as went upstairs and had some lunch. We asked mum what we are going to eat, she said chicken sand-which and juice. Yum!

I felt really happy when my cousin came, I wish I could see her next week.

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