Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Best Weekend Ever

When my mum said that my cousin was coming over, I was so excited, because I was looking froward to doing a lot of cool things with her. My cousin got bored and wanted to go to the park.

My cousin Precious always likes going to the park, so she asks my dad if we can go. When he said yes me and Precious get excited and happy . So we run down to the the park.

After playing at the park we both got hunger, we run up to the house and told dad the we were hunger. He said OK and told us that we were eating “chicken and rice”. After a few hours later he said it was finished and he told us to come on the table, we said to him “that you should be a chef some day.

The next day Precious had to go home,I felt sad because we had a lot of fun and she had to go.

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